Benefits Calculator
Could you be missing out on valuable financial support without realising? £16 billion of benefits and tax credits remain unclaimed in the UK each year – most often by low income working households.
Not sure you’re getting all the help you’re entitled to? Use the Benefits Calculator to find out what you could claim. 
Try the benefits calculator now 
By entering a few details about your situation, you’ll get a free and impartial assessment of all the benefits and tax credits you are entitled to and what you have to do to claim them: from means tested benefits like Universal Credit and Child Tax Credit, right through to the latest benefits for energy bills.
Make the Call Service
Thanks to a simple phone call, thousands of people across Northern Ireland are now accessing money and other help that they previously weren’t receiving. The ‘Make the Call’ service from the Department for Communities enables you to find out quickly and easily whether you are receiving all the benefits, supports and services to which you are entitled. 
0800 232 1271*
Text: ADVICE to 67300*
Mon-Fri: 9:00am to 5:00pm *network charges may apply  Further information can be found here.

Online Debit Card Payments

We can now accept payments by debit card against your credit union savings or loan online.
Simply login to your account and click the Make a Payment button.
Members should always be vigilant about potential phishing scams targeting credit union members.

Typically, members receive an email from an email address such as or similar.  The email will inform the member of a file named "Payment Confirmation" that's been transferred to them through a site called WeTransfer, by what appears to be your Credit Union, and will be encouraged to click to download the files. 

This scam is designed to collect your personal details with a view to gaining access to personal financial accounts.

Please note the credit union does not request personal details by email from its members or use any third party websites to collect members details.  If you receive an email similar to the one outlined above , please ignore it and inform the credit union.

We can now accept payments by debit card against your credit union savings or loan.
Simply present your debit card to the teller at the counter to save writing a cheque or making a visit to the ATM for cash.
We can even take card payments over the phone if you have difficulty calling into the office.