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Becoming a member

Membership of Camlin Credit Union is open to anyone who lives in the general area surrounding Crumlin and Glenavy, covering all of postcode BT29 and parts of postcodes BT28 and BT67 - check with us for exact details.
Members are admitted at our New Members meetings held on the 1st Tuesday of every month @ 6pm.  Please check with our office for exact details.

The Law prohibits the Credit Union from opening an account for a new member unless satisfactory proof of identity and appropriate address verification documents are produced (See list below).  An entrance fee of £1.00 is charged.  The minimum amount to keep an account open is £5.00.

PROOF OF IDENTITY: Under the Money Laundering Act, we are obliged to have proof of identity. Normally this consists of:
  • Photographic identification such as a passport, driving licence, Smartpass or electoral card
  • A recent household bill or bank statement to confirm your address.
All members are encouraged to complete a Nomination Of Beneficiary Form.  Click here for more info.

Becoming a member of Camlin Credit Union Ltd.
Minor Deposits

Persons from birth to age 16 years are permitted to save. Two forms of ID are also required for Minor Deposits. (This can be birth cert and parents utility bill/bank statement). Minors can save up to a maximum of £6000.  On their sixteenth birthday, junior members are transferred automatically to adult membership but I.D must be up to date and a new Adult Membership form completed. They cannot be considered for a loan until they attain the age of eighteen years.  Another case of the credit Union movement looking after everyone in its bond area.

All profits accumulating from funds in the Minor Deposit Section will be credited to each account as Annual Dividend.

Withdrawals can only be made from Minor Deposit on the written approval of parent or guardian. (Both parent and child signature required if child is 7yrs or over).Purpose of withdrawal of funds may be required for Money Laundering regulations.